Accounts Receivable Template

As a small business owner, you know that your CASH is the lifeblood of your business. With it, you can pay your bills and employees and invest in your business’s growth. As much as you want to have CASH SALES, this is only sometimes the case. In most cases, you make sales on credit that you need to collect at some other time. And here starts the dilemma you may face and encounter in sales collection, monitoring, and recording. Here’s where this accounts receivables template steps in to save the day to help with streamlining payment tracking and navigating the payment collection process.


This template is a MUST financial tool for every small business owner who sends invoices and collects the cash from their customers later, and wants to collect and get the payment for their goods or services on time. This template is especially for those business owners who have experienced or want to mitigate experiencing the following:

  • Late Payments: You have delinquent customer payments, which can create cash flow problems and affect your ability to pay suppliers, employees, and other expenses on time.
  • Unclear Payment Records: When sales and payments are not recorded accurately and consistently, you will not have a clear picture of your financial situation, making it difficult to make informed decisions about your business.
  • Unorganized Payment Tracking: You have no system in place to track sales and payments effectively, which can lead to errors, duplication of efforts, and wasted time.
  • Inadequate Communication with Customers: You have no established process to communicate effectively with customers regarding payment terms and expectations, which can lead to confusion, disputes, and delayed payments.
  • Inefficient Collection Methods: You use outdated or inefficient methods to collect payments, such as paper invoices or checks, which can be slow, expensive, and prone to errors.

The template comes with the following:

  • Instruction Guide on how to use the template.
  • The Accounts Receivable template in an easy-to-use Excel interface.
  • A Report of your accounts receivables to show how late your payments are past due so that you can properly prioritize follow-ups and plan accordingly.
  • Email templates for reminder and follow-up notifications to send to your customer/clients.

Just accurately make a note of all of your invoices, and this template will do the rest.

In just less than ONE minute, this template will:

  • Help manage cash flow: You often rely on timely customer payments to meet your financial obligations, such as paying suppliers or employees. By tracking invoices and payments using this template, you can quickly identify late payments, determine the days it has been due, and take action to ensure your customers/clients are aware of this so they can meet their obligations and expectations.
  • Facilitate accurate financial reporting: Accurate financial records are critical for you as the CEO to make informed decisions about your operations and finances. This template allows you to keep track of customer invoices and payments systematically, making it easier to generate accurate financial statements and reports.
  • Reduce errors: Keeping track of invoices and payments manually can be prone to errors and omissions. This template organizes all invoices and payment records accurately and consistently in just one file.
  • Help with financial planning: By tracking invoices and payments using this template, you can gain insights into your business’s financial performance and use this information to make more informed decisions about future investments, expenses, and growth strategies.
  • Enable effective customer communication: This financial template is not your ordinary template. Aside from the list of customers/clients with outstanding balances, how much their balance is, and how many days it was due; we also have email templates for you to use (and tweak them to fit your business needs) to easily remind and follow up with customers regarding outstanding payments. Leveraging this communication can help build stronger relationships with customers and improve the likelihood of receiving timely payments.

Whether you’re new or have been in business for a while, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of your invoices from recording, monitoring, tracking, and communicating with your clients/customers. When used intentionally and consistently, this template can monitor your business’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about your business’s future.

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